Yes, I’m a thief. And proud of it, thank you! I stole following gem of a term,


from my favorite real-mom nutritionist, Sally Kuzemchak, M.S., R.D., who coined it (or a new, extremely apropos use of it!) in this brilliant blog post.

Sally’s a trailblazer when it comes to improving kids’ snack habits. Not only does she feed her own children nutritionally appropriate snacks, she takes it a step further by proactively working to change the food environment her kids face on a day-to-day basis, like at day camp or as members of sports teams.

Sally has four steps for being what she calls ‘that mom’ at kids’ camps, schools and sporting events; they’re exactly the kind of food activism we need to up the quality of what’s being served to children!

I totally appreciate, need and love the advice. While Isla isn’t ready for day camp or a soccer team just yet, the day is coming when she will be—and I can use all the tips I can get for dealing with the high-sugar, high-fat and, let’s face it, highly accepted (zero nutrition) snacks she’ll be surrounded by.

Isla and Andromahe, her bestie and a vegetarian

No matter how well we teach our kids to love healthy foods at home, those eating skills are going to be no match for the food pressure they’ll face out in the real world.

How can I expect Isla to enjoy an apple and water when all the kids around her are feasting on cupcakes and Oreos?

I’m not sure I can! And wouldn’t it be awesome if I didn’t have to? Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone tossed these girls—and all the kids around them—an orange instead of a cookie at snack time?

Why yes, it most certainly would! Thanks, Sally!!! I promise to take your advice and be ‘that mom’ just as soon as I have an opportunity to.