Pregnancy brings you things. Lots of things. I’m not talking metaphysical things or emotional things (though plenty of those things do come along with a big, ever-swelling belly, don’t get me wrong). I’m talking things things… like, stuff.

It’s especially true if you’re the last one of your friends to jump on the have-a-baby-bandwagon. It’s awesome, of course, the way your besties want to share all their things (especially if your friends are like mine, and have pretty swanky taste). It’s also totally overwhelming, especially if you’re like me and 1) live in a teeny, tiny apartment and 2) are taking sweet time accepting the fact that there will soon be another person sharing your precious living space.

For these reasons, I was pretty reluctant to accept all the wonderful things that were generously offered to me throughout my pregnancy. I thought I was staying in control, keeping my living space organized and sane by saying no thank you.  And in a way, I was. In another way, I really just wasn’t ready to admit that when you have a baby, you NEED some things.

Luckily, you always have that one friend that just won’t take no for answer.

You know that friend… the one that reads between the lines of what your saying and taps the lines of what you mean.

When I politely told that friend, I’ll think about it, after she offered to give me her beautiful, barely used highchair, she whipped out her laptop and, right there in the middle of her kitchen, ordered me a brand new instead.

Oiy! Really. She did.

I should had stopped her when she said, I know what you need. I should have caught on when I saw her reach for a credit card. I just didn’t.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

What was delivered to me a week or so later wasn’t the kind of full-size, classic wood highchairs that professional parents use. Oh no! (Clearly, I was not ready for that sort of thing.)

Much to my delight, it was a small, plastic starter seat. It was perfect—I was able to hide it in the closet throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Ha! And, more perfectly, it worked when I pulled it out at fours months as Isla’s starter seat, and is still working now at nine months as a booster chair. I like it so much, in fact, I’m going to give you a link to exactly what it was: The First Years Infant to Toddler Feeding Seat.

It was perfect because, little did I know it at the time, but babies can’t sit up on their own for while. (Duh!) Unlike a traditional highchair, I was able to put Isla in it comfortably (aka reclined) when I first started feeding her solids.

It also sits right on top of our kitchen table, so I didn’t have to make room for another chair in our tiny, everyday eating area. (Um, I’m confident that Isla—at 20 lbs—can’t tip this over but, truth be told, our kitchen is so small and narrow that we are never more than that two feet away from her while she’s in it. A professional parent, of course, would only use it the way it’s intended and strap it safely to a chair.)

Lastly, it’s light and tiny so we’ve taken it with us when need be… like into the living room (it works on the floor) or dining room (did I mention I can strap it to a regular chair?) or at a friend’s BBQ or in a crowded restaurant or on the deck of our brother-in-law’s cabin in the Catskills.

I love that little chair because it solved my space problem.

I love that little chair because it’s where Isla has gotten to taste 99% of everything she’s ever eaten for the very first time.

Most of all, I love that little chair as reminder that the best friends are the ones that know just when to ignore what you say and pay attention to what you need instead—even if you don’t yet know it yourself.